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So….Potty Training

Yeah, it’s not going well. We’ve had a total of three successes.  That’s it. ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis, a type of autism therapy) specialists recommend taking an autistic child to the bathroom every 15 minutes.  Who has time for that … Continue reading

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He went in the potty!

Yesterday at school, Roman stayed dry the entire day.  One of the para educators (aides) decided to let Roman stand at the toilet.  I thought it was probably in vain, and for that time, it was.  But today, he was … Continue reading

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Night time Woes

For months now, Tycen has been complaining about sleeping with Roman. “He kicks.” “He snores.” “He jumps on me.” “He wakes me up at night when he wakes up.” We have three children and a three bedroom house.  Since Eric … Continue reading

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The Monthly Visit

We had Roman’s monthly visit at Children’s Hospital to have him checked out and get his meds for the next month last week.  It included the bimonthly blood draw.  He was not very excited by the notion.  We had to … Continue reading

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Quirky Sandals

For those with autism, quirks are a natural thing.  Even those of us in the neurotypical population have our oddities.  For example, I must wake up to a coffee mug full or Diet Mountain Dew.  I know, I know, it’s … Continue reading

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Kissy and Boo

we have two dogs, a beagle named Kissy and a Shar Pei named bailey Boo.  Roman loves the dogs.  Last night he was playing with them and he said their names!  He would run away from them, taunting them to … Continue reading

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School is cool

It was a rough night.  Roman woke up around 11, quite unsettled.  So, Eric brought him to our room to sleep with me while he retreated to the solitude of the couch.  All night long, Roman decided to kick me … Continue reading

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Cohabitation woes

The boys share a bedroom.  We have no choice.  We live in a three bedroom house and Tanis has the third bedroom.  Roman is like many autistic children in that sleep usually eludes him for many hours after bedtime.  Tycen … Continue reading

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Serotonin and the autistic brain

We had Roman’s monthly appointment in Detroit this week.  The doctor in charge of the study went over the results of Roman’s PET scan with me.  It was a little strange in a cool way to be staring at pictures … Continue reading

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Just tell me what you want!

I know it’s a long term kind of dream, but all I want is for Roman to be able to tell me what he wants.  I just spent a half hour rocking him after he woke up from a late … Continue reading

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