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So….Potty Training

Yeah, it’s not going well. We’ve had a total of three successes.  That’s it. ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis, a type of autism therapy) specialists recommend taking an autistic child to the bathroom every 15 minutes.  Who has time for that … Continue reading

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He went in the potty!

Yesterday at school, Roman stayed dry the entire day.  One of the para educators (aides) decided to let Roman stand at the toilet.  I thought it was probably in vain, and for that time, it was.  But today, he was … Continue reading

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He’s come so far

I got this video today in my email from the school.  One of the many people who works with Roman sent it to me.  I just can’t believe what they’ve done with him using his PECS book.  He’s learned a … Continue reading

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Just tell me what you want!

I know it’s a long term kind of dream, but all I want is for Roman to be able to tell me what he wants.  I just spent a half hour rocking him after he woke up from a late … Continue reading

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Coat, backpack, mom…NOW

Roman had an okay day at school.  From what I hear it wasn’t spectacularly good or awful.  I expected awful after leaving him crying in the arms of his teacher this morning.  I worried about him all day, even considering … Continue reading

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Schedules, schedules

Roman is a pretty regimented guy.  This is typical of people with autism.  He has his schedule and he likes to stick to it.  Today is a bit of a challenge because he had a half day at school.  Usually, … Continue reading

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Better video of Roman using PECS

I got a (slightly) better video of Roman using his PECS book and thought I would share it since the last one is so hard to see.  Blackberry is not the way to go if you want good indoor video.  … Continue reading

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PECS, more than just muscles

When I first heard about PECS, the Picture Exchange Communication System, I was a little skeptical.  I didn’t think Roman would pick it up very quickly, if at all.  It is supposed to help non-verbal people communicate their wants and … Continue reading

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