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The update….FINALLY

Okay, so I’ve done worse than neglecting this blog, I let it die.  But resuscitation is possible, right? Roman is now done with the buspirone trial.  I look back on a year ago and remember a little boy who hardly … Continue reading

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So….Potty Training

Yeah, it’s not going well. We’ve had a total of three successes.  That’s it. ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis, a type of autism therapy) specialists recommend taking an autistic child to the bathroom every 15 minutes.  Who has time for that … Continue reading

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He went in the potty!

Yesterday at school, Roman stayed dry the entire day.  One of the para educators (aides) decided to let Roman stand at the toilet.  I thought it was probably in vain, and for that time, it was.  But today, he was … Continue reading

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Night time Woes

For months now, Tycen has been complaining about sleeping with Roman. “He kicks.” “He snores.” “He jumps on me.” “He wakes me up at night when he wakes up.” We have three children and a three bedroom house.  Since Eric … Continue reading

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The Monthly Visit

We had Roman’s monthly visit at Children’s Hospital to have him checked out and get his meds for the next month last week.  It included the bimonthly blood draw.  He was not very excited by the notion.  We had to … Continue reading

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Lucky, lucky us

No, I don’t mean that facetiously.  We are lucky.  We are extremely lucky that we live where we do.  For four years, we tried to sell our house so we could move to Eaton Rapids, where Eric teaches.  It just … Continue reading

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He’s come so far

I got this video today in my email from the school.  One of the many people who works with Roman sent it to me.  I just can’t believe what they’ve done with him using his PECS book.  He’s learned a … Continue reading

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When I’m Gone

I’ve been thinking a lot about what would happen to my kids if Eric and I should meet an untimely end together.  Besides Roman, I have two other children, one with special needs.  Tycen has Neurofibromatosis which has led to … Continue reading

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Ode to Katie

I want to put this out there:  Roman and I really like Katie.  She is his aide at school.  Katie’s full-time job is to be focused on Roman and his education.  Katie does Roman’s sensory exercises with him everyday, communicates … Continue reading

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Quirky Sandals

For those with autism, quirks are a natural thing.  Even those of us in the neurotypical population have our oddities.  For example, I must wake up to a coffee mug full or Diet Mountain Dew.  I know, I know, it’s … Continue reading

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