He went in the potty!

Yesterday at school, Roman stayed dry the entire day.  One of the para educators (aides) decided to let Roman stand at the toilet.  I thought it was probably in vain, and for that time, it was.  But today, he was situated in front of the potty again and he actually WENT in it.  I wasn’t there, but i was told he was a little surprised, but then, when his aide went to lay him on the changing table later, he fussed and she stood him in front of the toilet again.  Nothing came out, but still he wanted to do it.

I’m all about potty training now.  I went ahead and ordered the “Once Upon a Potty” movie that Tycen loved when he was potty training.  I set out the potty that Roman’s grandma bought him awhile ago and set the stool in front of the big toilet.  I attached a PECS icon to the bathroom door.  We’re all set for some real potty training now!

Of course I had to call just about everyone in my phone directory.  I even called Roman’s Grandma Frohriep who is on vacation in Arizona.  She was talking to me about pee in the potty while sitting at White Sox training camp, watching batting practice.  I can just imagine the looks she got.

Then, I tweeted.  I kept going on and on.  My followers must have thought I was just a *tad* overzealous.  I posted on Facebook.  I posted on the Mom Squad, a forum I use throughout the day to keep in touch with my local mommy friends.  It may have been a bit much to announce a single successful urination with my entire social network, but I don’t care.  I’m such a proud mom.

I’ve been hearing that I shouldn’t expect miracles when it comes to potty training an autistic child.  To be fair, I don’t expect him to be dry starting tomorrow, but it’s a start, right?

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7 Responses to He went in the potty!

  1. Lisa says:

    Its awesome!!! I struggled with it for two years with Racer. But I loved every small victory!! Enjoy it and write it on the moon or the mountains!! You have every right to be proud of him!!

  2. jl1schwartz says:

    First of all, your blog posts make me laugh out loud, (in a “been there” sort of way)! The whole sleep deprivation idea is really interesting. There are so many different influences that seem to affect symptoms (different ways at different times), I find it very difficult to separate any of it. I have used a relaxation routine with my son before bed, and when I can get him to cooperate with the routine it seems to help him sleep, which in turn seems to diminish some of his behaviors.

  3. Big Daddy says:

    Yay! That’s how my son finally started – at school when he was around 6 years old. It took him a while after that to perfect it, but that is exactly how he started.

  4. Jen says:

    YAY!!! It just might happen that easy for you! For some reason, we lucked out with pt’ing Katie. I don’t know why, as she would have sat in a dirty diaper forever and a day, but once we started, it kinda just took. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  5. My son Jacob who is most definitely on the autism spectrum potty trained COMPLETELY in 3 days. Over a Columbus Day weekend when he was a little over 4. We just had a weekend long potty party. Brought his favorite videos on the portable DVD into the bathroom.

    But the main thing was? We waited until he was really ready, until he showed awareness of his body and what it was doing. Then? EASY. so remember, autistic kids are like snowflakes, no 2 alike. Doesn’t have to be awful. But also? If we’d pushed him and made him sit on the toilet every 15 minutes at 3 and a half like one (not very flexible or sensitive and ultimately not very useful) ABA therapist was pushing for? It might have been a nightmare and it might have taken years.

    So listen to your intuition and your kid. and? good luck!

  6. aspergersmom says:

    Loved this post! There were so many moments I laughed out loud remembering the whole potty-training experience with each of my kids. The absolute, out of your mind excitement when it starts to click is one of those feelings I still remember clearly. No two experiences were the same. However, my oldest is on the spectrum and was by far the hardest. Also, my boys (both on and off the spectrum) were much harder than my girls. Good Luck!

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