Kissy and Boo

we have two dogs, a beagle named Kissy and a Shar Pei named bailey Boo.  Roman loves the dogs.  Last night he was playing with them and he said their names!  He would run away from them, taunting them to follow him, calling out their names along the way.  Once each, a few months back, he said their names before, but it’s been awhile since he called for either of them.

Roman loves his Beagle, Kissy

The words are once again coming fast and furious.  Roman has been on the buspirone for over two months.  I say that he’s on it because everyday I’m growing more and more sure that he didn’t get the placebo.  Fortunately, the side effects are diminishing.  The chewing and drooling is under control.  Sleep can still be elusive, but I took the light bulbs out of the boys’ room a few days ago and it seems to be helping him get to sleep a little earlier.  I need to thank my mom for that idea.  When Eric and I had to stay overnight at his parents’ house for his grandma’s funeral, my mom took care of the kids.  Roman kept on turning on the light at bedtime, as he always does at home, so she got the brilliant idea to take the light bulbs out of the overhead light.  Totally inspired move, Mom.

In other news, we’re snowed in here in Michigan.  There are snow drifts in our yard up to four feet tall or so.  Eric and the kids are home, of course.  Roman seems to be bored and stares out the window at the snow longingly.  He loves the snow.  Too bad he’d be buried if he ventured off the porch.

A view from the porch

So we’ll all hunker down and wait for more words today.  Sounds like a great plan to me.

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