School is cool

It was a rough night.  Roman woke up around 11, quite unsettled.  So, Eric brought him to our room to sleep with me while he retreated to the solitude of the couch.  All night long, Roman decided to kick me right where my shingles are the worst.  Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep through the pain.  Roman, however, woke well rested and in a great mood.

Mondays are usually a challenge.  The kids are emerging from their weekend highs with the Monday blahs.  Tanis is hard to wake up.  Tycen insists he’s sick and can’t go to school.  Roman is usually dragging, but today he was up and at ’em.  He walked to the breakfast table, rubbing sleep from his eyes, slapping his dad a high five on the way.

After breakfast, Roman watches TV for awhile while all the kids ease into the school routine.  At his diaper changing, I told him, as usual, that it was a school day.  To my surprise, he looked at me, directly in the eyes, and said “school”!

Words are coming along awesome.  Today was not unique.  It was a new word, but he’s been spouting them off with some kind of regularity now.  All weekend, he was saying some of his favorite words.  “Go” is one he uses a lot.  He tells his toys to “go” when he hits whatever button makes them make sounds.  I also heard “Dad” a few times, a few were even requesting his father’s presence instead of mine.  He asked for his “ba,” which is what he calls his sippy cup.  It’s short for bottle, which he hasn’t had since he was just over a year old, but the old word hangs on.  At one point, he was showing everyone his cup, declaring it a “ba” to each person.

The word that chokes me up the most though is “Mom”.  It’s been my wish for over a year now to hear “I love you Mom”.  He’s getting there.  I’ll take the beginnings of it by just hearing “Mom” in his singsong, “I love you” voice.  Roman is an affectionate kid and I’m beyond the moon that’s the case.  I was so afraid that he would forever be resistant to human touch like he was a year ago.  But he’s grown so much since then.  He loves to be held and snuggle up close to me when I lay down on the couch.

When I dropped Roman off at school today, I had a short conversation with his teacher.  She is amazed by all the sounds and word approximations he uses at school and agrees that he’s just going to take off one of these days.  She also mentioned again how smart he is, picking things up very quickly.  My heart swells when I hear these reports.  I’m so proud of my little man!

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