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School is cool

It was a rough night.  Roman woke up around 11, quite unsettled.  So, Eric brought him to our room to sleep with me while he retreated to the solitude of the couch.  All night long, Roman decided to kick me … Continue reading

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Cohabitation woes

The boys share a bedroom.  We have no choice.  We live in a three bedroom house and Tanis has the third bedroom.  Roman is like many autistic children in that sleep usually eludes him for many hours after bedtime.  Tycen … Continue reading

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Serotonin and the autistic brain

We had Roman’s monthly appointment in Detroit this week.  The doctor in charge of the study went over the results of Roman’s PET scan with me.  It was a little strange in a cool way to be staring at pictures … Continue reading

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Why I’ve been MIA

Life is a choose your own adventure book.  Remember those things?  Every few pages, you would choose to go one way or another.  Then, a few pages of story would follow to lead you to another quandary.  Everyday, we make … Continue reading

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