Two posts in one day…I know you were all wondering what’s happened to me

The craziness of the Christmas season is still in full swing here.  Tycen and Tanis are reveling in the post Christmas afterglow and we still have two parties left to go.  As far as Roman goes, he could take the holidays or leave them, much like his dad.  Yes, I married Scrooge.

I have to give some major props to my mother in law, who planned a menu of foods completely within Roman’s diet.  I did feel bad for the other seven kids, though.  It was a Christmas party without a single sugar cookie iced in gooey goodness.  But, it took a lot of worry off my mind to not have to follow Roman’s every step to make sure he wasn’t putting one in his mouth.

As for presents, Roman is finally learning to unwrap things.  He’s found the simple joy of ripping paper to be therapeutic.  Caring less about what’s actually inside than the act of tearing apart red and green paper, he had a grand time with the unwrapping process.

None of his gifts went over particularly well.  I thought that the weighted blanket I made him would go over with a bang, but it was more of a pop and fizzle.  It’s made of Thomas material and I thought he would love it for that alone.  He also seems to enjoy weight on top of his chest and legs, but he has yet to pick up on the fact that the blanket was made specifically for that reason.  I was hoping it would help him sleep more soundly, but he has to actually fall asleep with it on top of him for it to work.  That hasn’t happened yet and he spent the last two nights in my room after waking up past midnight.

Roman's new weighted blanket. It weighs a little over 5 pounds.

So Christmas for Roman was a bust so far, not that he’s really noticed.  He’s all about stealing his sister’s new Leapster and running away from her, laughing the entire way.

If you’re interested in making a weighted blanket of your own, I found some great directions on how to do it here.  It’s really quite easy and a great idea.  I found the best deals for the poly pellets on eBay.  It will take time, but I’m sure after awhile Roman will really come to love it.

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One Response to Two posts in one day…I know you were all wondering what’s happened to me

  1. Lynn says:

    Wow, that’s awesome that you made your own weighted blanket. My daughter never took to those, even though I always felt that they would help her. I’m still searching for the secret to getting her to stay in her own bed all night 🙂

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