The Roman in the cupboard

Today, I was on a tear.  Eric forced me to clean off the top of our dresser.  For those of you who don’t know me well, I don’t clean.  I mean, like, never.  Okay, close to never.  I only do it when I’m made to feel guilty about living in a sty.  It’s not like I don’t do anything during the day, I’m just not a housekeeper.  That’s more Eric’s arena.

But, every so often, I have to do it.  I take deep breaths and dive in.  The problem is, once I get started, I can’t stop until I’ve rearranged the entire house.  My husband’s main complaint was having nowhere to put the Wii games and accessories we got the kids for Christmas.  Since the console is in our room, we had to come up with somewhere in there to do it.  I cleaned off the dresser top and then moved on to purging the contents of the dresser itself.  Once I had that done, I decided I did not want all the video game paraphernalia on top of my dresser after all.

I went to the basement, which serves as both a playroom and a catch all for odds and ends of furniture.  A few years ago, I traded painting a bathroom at my friend’s house for her nice wicker set of an armoire, a media tower, and a bookshelf.  I moved the bookshelf and media tower to our room to hold the Wii equipment and games and our DVDs, respectively.  I was left with an armoire that looked out of place.

I couldn’t have that.  I got what my dear husband refers to as “a bug up my ass”.  Something just had to be done with the armoire.  It is a really nice piece of furniture, with a wood interior and distressed wicker exterior.  The boys’ room called out for it.  They have been living with bins of toys in their room for long enough.  The armoire was the perfect answer.

So, I started dragging the heavy piece of furniture up the stairs.  I got about halfway up when I had to call for Eric, interrupting his precious Colts game.  I got nasty looks and a few choice words, but he understands the power of “the bug up my ass” and grudgingly helped haul it up the rest of the way to the boys’ room.

Everything went perfect until bedtime.  I secured the armoire with four long screws to the studs in the wall, making it perfectly safe for use in their room.  The kids and I even organized the toys with little fight from them.  Then, it was off to bed.

Seconds later, Eric called out:  “You have to look at this!”

Check out the eye peeking out.

Yup, Roman has a new favorite spot in his room.  It comes as no surprise.  He has a penchant for small spaces.  It’s another common characteristic of autism.  He likes to squeeze in to corners and cubby holes, like the ones where the kids hang their coats up at school, so the amoire really is perfect for him.  I just hope he doesn’t decide to fall asleep in there.  Oh well, if he does, it’s a great photo op for my new camera.

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