The first month

Well, we’re wrapping up the first month of the buspirone trial and everyone wants to know how it’s going.  I must admit that a month ago, I was a kid with a brand new shiny bike.  I was so happy.  Then, I remembered I didn’t know how to ride a bike and that it could take weeks, maybe months, to learn.  That’s where I’m at right now.  I have to remember that this is a long term commitment, not a magic bullet.  Just because I got the bike doesn’t mean I can ride it yet.

Roman is a happy guy, though.  We still wake up every morning and snuggle for a good half hour.  In those times, I can forget about autism.  He’s just my super sweet snuggly buggly.  The gnawing continues though.  I bought a food dehydrator to make him some chewier snacks, hoping that would help to fill his need to chew, but Tycen’s bed bears new scars every morning.  I think I’ll be investing in some of those wooden teethers soon.

He is babbling more and using his precious few words more often now than he did before he started the buspirone.  I am now thinking that this is probably just more of a coincidence than it is a result of the medicine.  Still, I am troubled by the biting and licking.  He seems upset by something, and I wish that he could tell me what it was.  I wonder if his poor body and mind are adjusting to the medication and that his uneasiness will subside.  It may just be the upheaval of the holiday season.  Things are different.  He has more days off school.  There is a big tree inside the house for some reason and he’s not allowed to touch it.

Still, I have been looking for ways to calm Roman.  So, I made a weighted blanket for him for Christmas.  He loves to pile blankets and pillows on top of himself.  The blanket is supposed to feel like a hug to an autistic child, and I can see that.  I really think he’ll enjoy it.  Besides, it’s Thomas the Tank Engine and Roman loooooves Thomas.  I almost feel guilty that it’s sitting under the tree wrapped up and not with him in his bedroom at night.

The first month is almost over and that shiny bicycle sits in front of us still.  But we’re still learning how to ride that bike.  It just takes time.

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One Response to The first month

  1. jillsmo says:

    Thanks for the update, I’ve been wondering how it’s been going. I like the bike analogy; very insightful

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