From the beaver to the vampire

The biting must stop!  Now he’s moved on to a more pliable target.  Roman has been biting people.  Not a single one of us has been immune thus far.  Tanis was the first to go down yesterday.  Roman bit the back of her hand and left it black and blue.  Then, last night, well after bedtime, Tycen screamed out.  Roman bit him just below the eye.  He was fighting the stormtroopers in dreamland and was rudely awakened by the teeth of his brother.  Today, he’s managed to bite both Eric and I.

I want to know what happened to my sweet boy.  I know a lot of kids go through biting phases.  Fortunately, my other two never did.  My guess is most of these troubling symptoms have to do him just feeling off because of the medicine.  Once he gets regulated, it IS going to get better.  I just wonder how long that’s going to take.

My high hopes for the medicine are still with me.  We have been seeing a few slow, yet steady, improvements.  Roman has been using his few words more often.  I hear mom several times a day instead of just once every day or two.  Ball, eat, bed, bye and up are also common now.  His pronunciation is still difficult to understand, but I think that’s normal.  After all, he is just learning to talk.

We have an appointment in Detroit next week where I get to tell the research staff about all of his strange behaviors since he’s been on the full dose of the medication.  I can’t help but wonder if other children have had similar reactions to the medication.  It’s unlikely they would tell me even if that was the case.

So today’s report, again, is a mixed bag.  There’s more biting, this time, people.  But, his vocabulary is getting stronger.  Most importantly, he doesn’t seem distressed in his disposition.  He’s a happy boy still.  I don’t know what I would do if he seemed agitated or upset.  I’m just glad I don’t have that problem.

Sorry I’m not updating this blog more often.  I just haven’t found the time, and there’s not that much to report.  I promise to keep you all updated on his progress as often as possible.

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