Talking juice

Roman’s medicine (or placebo, I must remind myself that he could be on the placebo) has become known as the “talking juice” around here.  Eric started calling it that instead of medicine and Tycen and Tanis picked up on it.  Now every time it’s time for a dose, Tycen announces, “Roman, it’s time for your talking juice”.

Today we started twice daily dosing of the Buspirone.  I am hoping for great things.  To say I’m expecting it is optimistic I know, but I might even go so far as to admit that I am.  I can’t help but think that he is on it with all the words we’ve heard lately.  What if he’s really talking by the end of this trial?  I would be forever grateful for that.

I know that even after this trial is over, Roman will still have autism.  People talk about recovery from autism.  I don’t think that he’ll ever fall off the spectrum, but anything we can do to make him more comfortable in his social life is going to be worth it.  I wonder what the future hold for him in that respect.  Will he have friends?  I sure hope so.

For now, though, I have to put my faith in his schooling and the Buspirone.  Early intervention is key, I know that.  I am so fortunate to have found Early On, because they started him down the path he is taking.  Without Early On, he never would have been going to school this year.  We would still be at home together, with me wondering how I could help him more.  I have to admit that asking for help was the best thing I ever did.

But, I must get back to the “talking juice”.  Today, when I gave him his first morning dose, Tycen piped up.

“Mom, will the talking juice really work?”

“I really hope so Tycen,” I answered.

“Good, because then he can be Yoda when we play Star Wars.  Mmmm….I seek Yoda.”

Yoda indeed.  May the force be with you Roman.

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