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Just tell me what you want!

I know it’s a long term kind of dream, but all I want is for Roman to be able to tell me what he wants.  I just spent a half hour rocking him after he woke up from a late … Continue reading

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Two posts in one day…I know you were all wondering what’s happened to me

The craziness of the Christmas season is still in full swing here.  Tycen and Tanis are reveling in the post Christmas afterglow and we still have two parties left to go.  As far as Roman goes, he could take the … Continue reading

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The Roman in the cupboard

Today, I was on a tear.  Eric forced me to clean off the top of our dresser.  For those of you who don’t know me well, I don’t clean.  I mean, like, never.  Okay, close to never.  I only do … Continue reading

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The first month

Well, we’re wrapping up the first month of the buspirone trial and everyone wants to know how it’s going.  I must admit that a month ago, I was a kid with a brand new shiny bike.  I was so happy.  … Continue reading

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From the beaver to the vampire

The biting must stop!  Now he’s moved on to a more pliable target.  Roman has been biting people.  Not a single one of us has been immune thus far.  Tanis was the first to go down yesterday.  Roman bit the … Continue reading

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The sensory seeker

He’s changing.  I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but Roman is morphing before my eyes.  I am almost certain he’s on the medication now.  We haven’t seen a whole lot in the way of speech in the past … Continue reading

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My favorite part of the day

Roman has a routine in the morning.  He wakes up, rubs the sleep from his eyes, and shuffles in to my room.  Then, he climbs up on my bed to lay down with me for about a half an hour … Continue reading

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What she really wants for Christmas

“Do you think that Santa could help Roman talk?  That would be the coolest Christmas present ever.” Those words came directly from the mouth of my daughter today.  I had no answer, instead tears welled up in my eyes and … Continue reading

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Little one left out

Yesterday, it was my nephew’s birthday.  My brother decided to take him to an inflatable playground here called Jumpin Jax.  The place is a kiddy wonderland, full of bounce houses and obstacle courses.  Of course, it’s also packed with other … Continue reading

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Leave it to Beaver

I have taken to calling Roman my little beaver lately.  He won’t stop chewing on furniture.  His favorite happens to be wood.  It’s difficult to find a wood surface in this house without teeth marks in it.  It may be … Continue reading

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