Dog gone tired

I was up until two in the morning playing around with the graphics on the blog.  How does it look?  It was my own fault I was up so late, but as soon as I decided to go to bed, I hear a cry come from Roman’s room.  He was up just in time for me to be even more sleep deprived this morning.

He’s been having trouble sleeping since we started the Buspirone trial.  I was told this could be a side effect of the drug.  Kids on the spectrum have trouble sleeping anyway, and his insomnia is not completely new, as I’ve mentioned before.  Usually, though, he can fall back asleep on his own.  Not last night.  So, I scooped up my lil’ man and took him to bed with me.

Eric was sleeping in the living room with Tycen, who is still sick, so the bed was all mine and Roman’s.  That’s not exactly true.  we share our bed with my two fur babies, the dogs, Kissy and Boo.  Roman loves the dogs and didn’t mind one bit.  In fact, all he wanted to do was play with them.  His momma just wanted to sleep, but he didn’t get the memo on that one.

“Go to bed Roman.”

It was a plea heard often around here.  His response was new, though.

“No, dogs.”

He said a whole sentence!  It was only two words, but he said it!

The words are coming fast and furious now.  I can’t help but guess that he’s getting the Buspirone and not the placebo now.  What else could explain this?  “Dogs” was not a new word.  He’s said it before.  But, it had been months since I’ve heard it.  But the sentence thing is completely new.

How happy am I this morning?  I can’t put it in to words.  My boy is talking!

Bailey Boo, Roman's muse

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4 Responses to Dog gone tired

  1. Laura C says:

    I know sometimes its hard to believe that medication can make a difference so soon. But I know from experience that with Cassidy and Vigabatrin, it LITERALLY changed our lives with the first dose!

    I am SOOOO happy for you! Whether its the medication or not Romans life is changing for the better. Which means a better life for your family!

    I ❤ the you guys~!

  2. Lisa says:

    That’s awesome!!!!! So worth not having any sleep!!!

  3. jillsmo says:


    He’s been doing so well since the trial started, it sure seems like he’s getting the real thing, huh?

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