Coat, backpack, mom…NOW

Roman had an okay day at school.  From what I hear it wasn’t spectacularly good or awful.  I expected awful after leaving him crying in the arms of his teacher this morning.  I worried about him all day, even considering checking in on him at lunch, but I knew that would only make it worse.  No matter how much I wanted to go, I had to stay away.  I realize I have to let the teachers and aides do their jobs with my Bubby.

Here at home, it was laid back for the most part.  Tycen settled in to his sick day by watching Return of the Jedi for the 643rd time.  I could go on about Tycen and his Star Wars obsession for days.  I could, and just may, write an entirely separate blog on just how addicted to Star Wars Tycen is.  Suffice to say, he sleeps in a Star Wars room, on a Star Wars pillow, in between Star Wars sheets, cuddled up to an Ewok, a Stormtrooper, and Darth Vader.

I spent my morning trying to write.  Writer’s block city!  It’s not that I don’t know what to write.  I am writing Roman’s story, so I have all the information in my head and written in notes.  I have just lost faith in my writing skills.  I think everything I write is absolute crap.  I know, I know, I should just write and think about how much it sucks later.

After my feeble attempt to write, Tycen and I picked Tanis up from school.  The afternoon included a much needed nap for me.  I think I’m coming down with whatever Tycen has.  Then it was off to school to get the report from Katie, Roman’s aide.

She walked him out of the school building.  He was whining.  Explaining she had to wake him up from a nap, she told me about a funny incident today at school.  It was still in the morning and he took his schedule, the one where he uses PECS icons to follow what his daily tasks are.  He removed the icons that were already in place and put his coat and backpack icons in their stead.  Then, he grabbed the picture of me, as unflattering as it may be, and stuck it to his schedule so it read “Coat, backpack, mom”.  And then, he insisted it was time to go.

Katie was laughing as she told me the story.  I had to smile too.  I didn’t let on that at about the same time, I was missing my Rome too.  I think it’s pretty cool that we were so in sync.  I only hope that tomorrow will get easier, for both of us.

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