Back to school

Our routine is way off.  It’s only been six days and this mommy is out of practice.  It didn’t help this morning that Tycen was running a fever of 100.7 and was a prime candidate for a sick day.  Roman was feeling a little warm to me too, but the thermometer told me I was wrong.  So, it was off to school for the little guy.

I know I’ve mentioned before how awesome Roman’s schooling is and has been.  I feel so fortunate.  He goes full days, five days a week and gets all kinds of therapies while he’s there.  There is a physical therapist, an occupational therapist and a speech therapist that all work with him regularly.  He also gets sensory time a few times a day.  The rest of the time, he’s in a classroom with his peers to learn how to communicate with them while learning things like letters, shapes and colors, just like any other preschool class.

Well, as soon as we got in the car, Roman started whining.  It took him a few days to adjust to being home on his break, and now that he is, I’m upsetting his schedule again by sending him back to school.  I feel bad for the guy.  It’s got to be confusing.  Most of the time, kids adjust to simple changes in their schedules pretty well.  Roman is not one of those kids.  I hear this is common with kids on the spectrum.

Rome is also becoming very attached to me lately.  It’s the kind of attachment you would expect a younger child to have to their mom.  He doesn’t want me to leave the house.  He doesn’t want me to leave him at school.  It breaks my heart when I have to leave him at school, crying and sniffling.  Still, he never called out the word “mom”.  I never got a “bye” either.  I was hoping for at least one of them with all the progress he has made this weekend.  I wanted to show off his new words to his teacher and aide.

I hope he has a better day at school than I am expecting.  But, I know I hope for miracles.  He’s going to be rough on his aide today.  I hope she got well rested over the break.  She deserves it.  I wanted a break for myself this morning, but instead, I ended up with a sick kid home.  Not fair.

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2 Responses to Back to school

  1. Big Daddy says:

    My son’s first few years of school were spent crying for his Mommy all day, every day. Now he cannot wait to get out of the car in the morning and runs off without even saying goodbye somedays.

  2. Lisa says:

    I feel ya. Even though most of the time Racer has a good day at school, actually getting him there is the biggest battle.

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