Five things I love about today

As I sit here at the computer, reflecting on today, I realize that every day holds miracles.  We experienced one in Roman’s speech today.  Not only did he say yeah, no, bye, chip, and book as I posted earlier, he also told Eric “uh” to be picked up and “eee” when he wanted to eat a snack.  Those last two are ones we hear more often than the others, but all in all, it was Roman’s best day ever for speech, at least since he was very young.

But I can’t overlook the simple pleasures of today.  So today, I present you of the top five things I loved about today, besides the new words that came out of Roman’s mouth.

1.  I never left the house and I didn’t feel the need to.  I love days where I don’t have any pressure to leave the house.  I am a huge homebody and would much rather be at home than anywhere else.  Nothing I needed to buy, nowhere I needed to go, just time with my three munchkins, the way it should be.

2.  I got to take a nap.  The hubster worked all morning but was back by one which left me plenty of time to take a nap.  Of course, being woken by a stinky diaper sitting on my head was less than pleasing, but I did enjoy the nap.

3.  I worked on some of my writing projects.  I wrote a chapter of my current work in progress while keeping an eye on twitter today.  I am becoming quite the twitter addict and have met some pretty cool people there recently.  I also edited two chapters of an existing project.  Now I just need to start querying agents again and see if I can drum up any interest for it.

4.  I got lots of hugs today from all three kids.  For some reason it was a love fest here today.  Every time I turned around I was getting a hug from a different child and there were lots of sloppy Roman kisses to go around.

5.  BEDTIME!  I love bedtime.  Ever since we started the visual PECS schedule with Roman at bedtime, things have been running so smoothly.  He gets to see what’s coming next and transitions easily from task to task.  I couldn’t have asked for it any easier than it was tonight.  That doesn’t mean that they actually went to sleep, but they did go to their rooms without any effort at all.  It was awesome.

Time for bed, boys. Night night.

Goodnight sweet girl.

If tomorrow is half as good as today was, I welcome it.  I am sure I will keep you updated on Roman and his words, as I expect more to come.  And now, I bid you farewell.  It’s mommy time.

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One Response to Five things I love about today

  1. jillsmo says:

    Such a good day; YAY!! And OMG they are so sweet. *swoon*

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