We’re back (with a new word)

Roman has had his first dose of the Buspirone (I hope).  They had me give it to him while we were at the appointment today.  It was not a fun time.  We showed up at the right time, which was 10 am, meaning I had to get Roman ready to go and out of the house by quarter to eight.  However, the doctor thought that we were supposed to be there at noon.  Waiting is not fun for, or with, Roman.  He must have pushed the call button at least three dozen times while we waited.  I think they got the idea that Roman does not like to wait.

There was a motor skills assessment today.  I didn’t know that was coming.  The doctor wanted Roman to walk up and down stairs, stand on one foot, kick a ball, and stack blocks.  He was lucky to get the stairs.  As I may have mentioned, Roman does not like to wait and was thoroughly ticked by the time the doctor finally arrived.

The dosing of the medicine was not easy.  Rome is a strong guy and he didn’t want to take it.  The study coordinator had to pin down his arms while I fought the thrashing head to get the syrup down his throat.  I succeeded in the end, but not without the fight of all fights.  He didn’t even mind the taste of the medicine, it was just the act of taking it.  I hope it gets easier.

After that, I know you want something good to end this post on.  Well here it is:  Roman has a new word!  But, dear readers, don’t celebrate yet, it’s not just any word.

I was driving to Detroit, running a little behind when we hit traffic.  Usually, by 9:30, the time I hit Detroit for a 10 o’clock appointment, the traffic has calmed and moves along at a good pace.  Apparently, everyone and their cousins were traveling to grandma’s house a day early and I hit a slow spot.

“Damn,” I muttered, thinking it was to myself.

Five minutes later, from the backseat, I hear, “Da”.  No he didn’t mean “dad”.  It was definitely “damn”.

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