The sensory ball is my new best friend

Oh, sensory ball, you have no idea of how much you just saved my sanity.

Roman is off again today.  He realizes he only went to school a half day yesterday and not at all today.  It’s not supposed to work like that and he knows it.  So, he started getting cranky.  The tv worked for awhile, but eventually it lost its glamor.  I tried getting him to stack blocks.  The sit and spin was a no-go.  We tried pointing to his favorite letters (Q and R beacuse they’re just cool letters, after all).  Finally, my brain kicked out of the fog it had been lounging in and I thought of the sensory ball.

Our ball is big and gray with little sensory nubbies all over it, so it gives a massage-like feeling as it’s used.  It’s similar to this one .  Roman loves to throw it around the house, but we haven’t really used it as a sensory ball much before.  At school, he does sensory twice a day.  His aide gave me a demonstration of what they do and sent home some PECS icons to use for sensory at home.  I was excited when I remembered this.

I grabbed his schedule and put the sensory icons on it.  Roman was alternating crying and whining until he saw his little pictures.  Immediately, he grabbed the “Roll on Ball” icon and moved it to the proper place on the schedule to signify starting the task.  He flung himself onto the ball, still crying.  As soon as I started to roll him over to touch his outstretched hands to the ground, he stopped the sobbing.  After ten repetitions, he was laughing.

We moved on to “Ball Squish,” which involves him laying on the ground and rolling the ball over him.  Again, he was calm and smiling.  When we got to ten, he popped right up, ready to go on with his day.

We have had the ball for almost a year, but never have I had such an amazing result with it.  I highly recommend a sensory ball with nubbies on it to anyone to calm their child down.  Now, I know it doesn’t work for them all, but man, you just have to try it.

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One Response to The sensory ball is my new best friend

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m glad you thought of the sensory ball Allison. It’s great that he was able to calm down for you and enjoy your time together with the ball. Awesome!

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