Words of wisdom from Temple

In an ideal world the scientist should find a method to prevent the most severe forms of autism but allow the milder forms to survive. After all, the really social people did not invent the first stone spear. It was probably invented by an Aspie who chipped away at rocks while the other people socialized around the campfire. Without autism traits we might still be living in caves.

Temple Grandin, from Thinking in Pictures

I have been reading Temple Grandin lately.  What an amazing woman!  Her accomplishments in a male-dominated field are amazing for a woman in her generation.  It just happens that she’s also autistic.  I have found solace in her writing, drawing many parallels between her early life and Roman’s current autism afflictions.  If she could be so successful, I have high hopes for Roman.

She does bring up a good point, though.  Without the variety of thinkers, including those with autism and asperger’s, we never would have advanced so far as a society.  Every single day, that thought runs through my mind.

When it comes to Roman and this drug trial, I don’t want it to “fix” him.  All I am hoping for is alleviation of his strongest autism characteristics.  I would like for him to talk.  To hear “I love you mom” would swell my heart so much I’m sure it would explode.  and to have him look at me when he said it, well, I could die happy.

I was on the phone with my Ginamom, which is the name I have for my step mom, joking that he’s just going to wake up some day and say, “Hello mother.  Nice weather we’re having isn’t it?”

I know those words are there.  I know he wants to say them.  He just can’t.  It frustrates him so much he throws himself into tantrums often over it.  The PECS system has helped, but he still has things to say.  Things that are important.  Things like “I love you mom”.

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One Response to Words of wisdom from Temple

  1. Sabine Schafer says:

    Happy Birthday little precious Roman! Hope you have a wonderful day. Best holiday wishes to you and your family Allison. I am so enjoying the blog. Sabine

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