Normalcy, or something close to it

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we are about more than just Roman’s autism.  It becomes all encompassing.  It use to be that way with Tycen’s neurofibromatosis.  When he was going through all of his surgeries, life was all about Tycen’s needs.  I will most likely be throwing in some posts about Tycen’s genetic disorder later.  For now, though, it’s just another part of our life as a family.

But we are just a normal family.  Eric teaches elementary school and I am a stay at home mom.  I load up my grocery getter every morning and haul all three kids to school.  I come home and work on projects and sometimes even clean and do laundry.  At noon, I pick up Tanis, my kindergartner from school and we have girl time all afternoon, then it’s back to school to get Roman and Tycen.  We come home, the kids squabble, we sit down and eat dinner as a family and then it’s time for the bedtime routine.  Pretty normal stuff we’ve got going on here.

Today was a crazy day.  The kids were all in fine form.  Roman is still fighting off the residual effects of his sedation and has been in and out of sleep.  When he’s awake, he’s cranky and has thrown a few tantrums.  But, we’ve had successes today too.  Tanis actually ate venison and said she liked it.  I got to spend the morning at pottery, working on finishing up some projects for the holidays. Right now, Tycen is reading a book to Eric and I’m smiling, listening to them interact.

We’re no different than any other family, really.  I think it’s like that with every family affected by autism.  We just look for our normal and go with it.

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