We’re home and it’s a little crazy

Well, a half hour after we got home, Roman puked banana-scented vomit all over himself and the couch.  He’s now back to sleeping soundly in just a diaper.  Before he threw up and fell asleep again, he was walking around the living room like I probably did on my 21st birthday.

The PET scan itself went well.  He screamed bloody murder and fought with everything he had when he got the IVs.  It took four of us to hold him down.  It broke my heart in two.  Finally, he fell asleep and stayed that way for the remainder of the scan.

He woke up groggy, but not too grumpy.  He did promptly rip the bandages off the backs of his hands where the IVs had been, though.  He was eating and drinking right away.  My guess is I let him eat a little too much.

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