Someone I love very much has autism

I will start with a simple proclamation:  My son has autism.

A year ago, he was almost completely non-verbal, with only one word approximation.  He would say “uh” to be picked up.  Today, at five days before his third birthday, he occasionally spits out words like dog, night-night, and (to his dad’s extreme pleasure) touchdown.  Although he doesn’t use words often, his vocabulary consists of at least three dozen words.

A year ago, Roman was shut off to the world.  He couldn’t stand contact with people.  Now, I call him my “snuggly buggly”.

A year ago, he would never look another person in the eyes.  Today, he struggles with that still, but does make occasional, meaningful eye contact.

A year ago, at two, Roman was evaluated as having the skills of a typical 6-9 month old.  Just recently, he was gauged as being at the 19 month level.

My son, the one I sometimes call my Bubby, has come so far in the past twelve months and I am here to tell you how that happened.  I will share both heartwarming and heartbreaking stories.  Along the way, I will try to educate.  I want to help other parents who find themselves in the situation my husband and I found ourselves in a year ago.  I want to share our story as a story of hope and promise.

With just about 1% of the United States population with autism, it is likely that everyone knows someone with autism.  These are our children, our brothers, our sisters, our nieces, our nephews, our grandchildren, our friends.  It is my hope to inspire and educate everyone who comes across my little niche in cyberspace.

Please feel free to leave comments, personal stories or whatever else you would like to say to me or my followers.  I want to open lines of communication between all of us.

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4 Responses to Someone I love very much has autism

  1. Lisa says:

    I miss you Al and while I’m not good at keeping in touch…I do think of you, Tycen, Tanis and Roman often. I’m anxious to see what the next few months brings for Roman…and that the miracle drug is just that. ❤

  2. Bobbie says:

    First time finally making it over to the blog. I didn’t realize our little guys were so close to the same age. Deeds will be 3 in January.

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