A miracle drug?

Roman has been accepted into a drug trial for autism. It is not everyday that a parent comes across such an exciting opportunity for their child.  This trial holds so much promise!  A friend of mine was telling me of a boy who was 7 years old and non-verbal who went on the drug being used in the trial and within 4 months he was talking and potty trained.  The possible positive outcomes for younger children, like Roman, have been said to be even greater.

The drug being tested, Buspirone, has been on the market for years to treat anxiety disorders in adults.  The drug helps with serotonin synthesis in the brain, which autistic children seem to be deficient in.

Roman has been through the testing phase, or first baseline visit, and was accepted into the study!  I am so hopeful and extremely nervous at the same time.  Tomorrow, he goes for his second baseline visit, which includes a PET scan of his brain to measure serotonin synthesis.

It is possible that Roman will be put in to the placebo group and not receive the drug for the first 24 weeks of the study.  But, he WILL get the drug for the second 24 week period of the study.

I plan on keeping this blog updated throughout the course of the trial with our experiences and victories over autism.  I just know that’s what’s coming!

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2 Responses to A miracle drug?

  1. HeatherB says:

    When the trial starts, will you be told if he’s getting the drug or placebo? Or do they wait until the end of the 24 weeks?

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